Saturday, April 25, 2015
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Must Try

Must Try

Anything that has to be tried, should be tried at least once, twice if you like it! I am kicking it of with food of course . Please add whatever made you go WOW!!!!

Ash B Cold Blooded by Carlton Smith

This is one of those beautiful pieces where reality meets fiction meets film. When I find something I like or when I find something I learn from, then I like to share it. This is one of those things. I’m not a qualified crit or writer or editor, so bare with me as this is just my personal connection to this story.

Rose Jemeljanova Practise - using your time.

From my own experiences, a quick guide to how you can use your time to practise better and more efficiently.

Sinitta Attinis LifeStyle Magazine

This is your very own LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE!

Sinitta Worst Wheel Chair experience

Not so great experiences...

Sinitta Best Restaurants

Aqua, The River Cafe and many more for you to try for yourself!