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Attinis LifeStyle Magazine

Thursday, 23 June 2011

This is your very own LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE!

Not everyone wants to be a global superstar but you can still be a star in your own living room.

This is our very own MAGAZINE, we supply the content and the pictures and you can be the cover STAR picture on your own articles
Lifestyle Magazine AttinisHere we can share tips on fitness, Cooking, pregnancy, childcare, shopping, fashion, men, women, pets, problems, triumphs, appliances and anything and everything else

Notice I said share ,so its not just me writing and telling you my experiences and stories, we all want to hear about you and yours too!

Its very easy to submit, just click the submit article button and let yourself go!
one paragraph or as many as you like across the site express yourself!!!

Don't forget to turn on your spell checker, and check your grammar, so that you look good on here people!!!

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  • Michael Sturdy
    Michael Sturdy
    30 June 2011 at 00:07 |

    Hi all, I'm Mike and I admin a website called Southampton World and Star Bar. It began as a forum for people with a Southampton connection and, in particular, fans of Southampton Football Club.
    It has now expanded and added a Star Bar, where a number of celebrities have been answering questions and messages from users of the website.
    This is exciting for the users while it also serves as a means for celebs to communicate with some singers and actors/actresses just starting out could find it useful publicity.
    If you are interested, please leave me a message here or visit my website.....

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