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What makes a working woman?

Ashley Mullen
Wednesday, 22 June 2011

What a woman does around the home - this is what I call hard work!

So I was tweeting Sinitta before, and she replied to me and said “@AshleyLovatic_x thanks baby, are you going to submit an article?!!! Please in wonder women in Lifestyle! It’s lonely with only me! Be Brave!” So I thought ‘right. I’m going to post a new article.’ And I began to rack my brains for what to write about. What is there for me to say about women? A lot. What could I say in one posting, at just 18? A lot.

I was watching loose women, one of my favourite shows, online, looking for some kind of motivation. Well, after an hour or so. I got up, made myself a cup of coffee, popped some bread in the toaster, wiped down the kitchen table, and washed the few dishes left in the sink, when it hit me. What makes a woman so amazing? Well, hello, have you seen what we do every day? And of course, Men do it too. Stay at home dads, men who live alone, and men who just like to give a helping hand.

I think, even in todays society, some people still expect women to do all the housework, look after the kids, cook the main meal, go to the shops, wash the clothes, iron the clothes, and generally take care of the home and family. I may see it from a different point of view from everyone else, because my mother doesn’t work.

My mum has been a stay at home mum since she quit her job and fell pregnant at 17. My dad has worked since he was fifteen. It wasn’t until I left college in January, just five months ago, that I realized how much my mum does during the day and any kids, or young adults who may be reading this, either on Attinis or on my blog, I urge you to help your parents out as much as you can!

My mum gets up at 7 in the morning. Sometimes she walks both our dogs, but most of the time I do it. She then makes my youngest sisters breakfast, and wakes my dad up to get ready for work. Around 7:30, my three sisters are woken up, and mum gets the youngest ready for school. She feeds the dogs, picks out my sisters uniform, makes her lunch, and then walks the fifteen minutes (twenty-five on the way there, since my sister is rather slow) to the school. She’ll then go to the shops and get everything we need. That includes drinks, toilet roll, cleaning materials, bike puncture kits…everything. Then she’ll carry it all up the hill to our house, and climb the three flights of stairs. When she gets home, she makes my breakfast, which she insists on doing, and then makes her own. Then she’ll start to tidy up. First it’s the kitchen, then the living room, then it’s the dining area, then her bedroom, then the bathroom. Now I’m not talking ‘pick things up and put them away’ kind of tidying up. No. She has to wash the dishes, wipe down the cooker, sort out the cupboards, clear the table, do the laundry, mop the floors, hover the carpets, clean to toilet, bath, shower and sink, polish the furniture, sort through the letters and bills, wash the windows….and by the time she’s done all of that, it’s time to pick my sister up again; and in the middle of it all, she finds time to make herself some lunch!

Of course, I help out now that I’m at home and still looking for work, but the thought that she was doing that for nineteen years, alone, is shocking. So I normally pick my sister up, and when we get home, mum will turn off the TV or music, and sit down to help her with her homework. Then it’s time for her to start dinner, and almost time for dad to come home. My father has diabetes, and works 6 days a week, 8-6, in a physical job, so he’s normally very tired when he gets home. He’ll always try and help out, but most of the works already done.

I know that there are women out there who do this daily, just like my mum, and I for one would like to commend you. It is a dream of mine to be this person one day, no matter how gruelling it sounds. Since seeing everything she does for us, all day every day, I have so much more respect, which I never thought possible, for my mother, and even with me at home, I’m only allowed to help out a little.

So to all the mothers, and indeed fathers, men and women, out there, who do this by the day, well done. Each and every one of you deserves a medal, because honestly, it’s such hard work, and don’t you know it!

And to all the parents out there - your kids are old enough to help, at any age. Make it into a game for young children, picking up their toys, polishing the tables (I remember doing this for my gran when I was like 5), a child or teenager can help out with everything you do. You just have to make them want to. This doesn’t mean give them money, unless that’s what you want and can afford to do, but if they have some kind of incentive, most will gladly do it!

To all the kids and teenagers out there who don’t like doing housework, and complain when theyre asked to go to the shops - Shut up and do it. Not to be mean at all, but your parents do so much for you. You give it back to them, just by being their kids and loving them, but maybe you could give a little more, just by helping out with the tasks that are to you, menial, but very important for the household.

This is getting to be very long, and I hope you aren’t bored! Once again, as I final statement, I commend anyone who works as hard as this, and honestly, unless you’re a professional baby-haver, and give birth ten times a day, which of course, is impossible, I would say that being a stay-at-home parent, is one of the hardest, most challenging, but most necessary and un-recognized jobs out there!

Well done to every single one of you!
Stay Strong

  • Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Comments (3)

  • Sinitta
    23 June 2011 at 20:27 |

    whoop whoop!!! thanks Ashley! this is terrific!
    you write really well and I could feel your genuine appreciation,admiration and astonishment afor your mother.She sounds like a loving and tremendous mother,who has dedicated her life to making a clean,loving and comfortable home for you all.I salute her too and also feel inspired when I imagine if my children look at me with that kind of appreciation one day!
    also great advice to other kids out there,to give a helping hand willingly.
    i want to hear more from you-18 is a great is just about to take off for you lady!!
    thanks again love S x

  • Lauren Newton
    Lauren Newton
    25 June 2011 at 12:43 |

    Heey! i totally agree! I know im only 17 and dont do much housework but im a full time housekeeper in a hotel at the moment and its one of the most physically demanding thing i have ever done, EVER!

  • Ashley Mullen
    Ashley Mullen
    02 September 2011 at 21:42 |

    Ah Sinitta thanks so much! I do appreciate my mother, so so much! You're a lovely lady :) Thanks!
    Lauren, hi! I'm really glad you agree! All the best! xxxx

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