Friday, May 22, 2015
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Alternative therapist

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Patricia at the wonderful Chelsea Bridge Hotel called and gave me the most glorious facial in April and my skin still feels great now! She used black soap from the range and a steamer (which I loved) that opens your pores nicely so that all of the impurities drain away easily and effortlessly without any digging, squeezing or prodding.

I’m not a fan of extraction sessions, my skin is sensitive and scars easily so I don’t allow any of that! Lymphatic massage and lots of pushing good products in after massaging all the badness away, then she used rose water and Argin Oil and swept me to heaven in a blissful coma of gratitude. It just felt so good and knowing how good it was for my skin made it even better, I glowed for about five weeks! I really need to do facials more often, but they are a luxury after all, not an every day thing, though once a week would be wonderful, like I used to have in my hey days as a stressed out Pop Star.


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