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Teen Pregnancy, A Teenagers View

Ashley Mullen
Sunday, 12 June 2011

My view on teenage pregnancy. By Ashley Mullen

Although my own opinions, I hope others may share this view and that some of the more radical views to the contrary in society, may change over time?

Recently, someone ran their mouth about a friend of mine being 19 and pregnant. This someone is just 15. Obviously a very opinionated girl. She made comments such as "Everyone knows teenage pregnancy is wrong." And went so far as to call my friend a "slag" She did this all online. Figures.

Anyway, I want to just get across the benefits of teenage pregnancy, and applaud my best friend for doing this. Some may say I am biased because, at just 16, my gran gave birth to my uncle. Then at seventeen, my mother gave birth to me, an 11 week preemie. Then at 18, my auntie gave me a baby cousin.

While teenage pregnancy rates have gone down, figures in recent years have also shown that younger mothers have a very high success rate. Many people, when seeing a pregnant teenager, would say 'Oh. She's pregnant. Slag'. Well, if I ever hear someone say that, I'm the first to reply to them. When you see a pregnant teen, you haven't a clue what she's been through. You don't know if that girl is married (Which she can be with parental consent in most places), in a long term relationship, if she's been raped, or if she only wanted to try having sex and ended up pregnant on her first time. You have no idea of anyone else's circumstances, and yet we all judge people. I'm guilty of it myself, I have judged people, I will most likely do so in the future too, no matter how much I try not to.

Then there's the thing about the teenager actually having the baby. Whilst termination is an option for some people, I strongly disagree with it myself, and I would be proud of any young lady who decided to have her baby; whether adopting or keeping her child.

Whilst it's illegal to have sex under the age of sixteen, when people see someone over sixteen pregnant, they still get judged, and that's what I truly don't understand. At sixteen it's acceptable to be having sex, but not to get pregnant? Is that was today's society believes? At eighteen, you're a legal adult, but hey, if you have sex and get pregnant, you're on your own! Because clearly, anyone who gets pregnant under, for example, 25, is going to end up quitting their jobs to become a single mother, live on a council estate and live off benefits her whole life, while smoking 40 a day and giving herself 'Special Injections' on a daily basis too? Get off it! If that's what you think of society then you have no belief in your own country!

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Stay Strong Everyone xo

  • Sunday, 12 June 2011

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