Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Attinis - The Futurology of Talent

Attinis Futurology of Talent website Created by Sinitta

At last! I am so happy to be welcoming you to “the futurology of talent!

Why Attinis? Because it is everything I didn’t do when I was first starting out, so you can benefit from my mistakes and do better than I did! A do as I say not as I did ,or don’t do a Sinitta do an Attinis!! join Attinis

Joining this site is a career move! So many of you have contacted me over the years asking me to help you break into the industry and I have had it on my heart to do something. It’s taken a long time but finally here it is!

Here you upload your talent , skills or wisdom and have a global platform to be seen, heard and discovered by anyone on the planet that has access to a computer.

I am working with leading Casting Directors,Record companies,Film and Television  production companies ,so will be putting you up for the roles and parts I know they are looking for plus a few things we are doing ourselves...

I will also be searching for acts to sign to ATTINIS!!!

Your talent may be singing, dancing, acting, modelling, cooking, writing ,choreography ,photography or whatever you are good at!

I would like you to encourage each other and check out other talent on here,you never know, you may find the drummer,singer or whatever that you have been looking for that completes your band or show or play?

I would love you to add your own articles, just a paragraph (or more if you want) in the LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE section and tell your stories and help your fans hear who you are and what you are all about.

When you get discovered you can sign a record deal, movie deal, commercial deal, TV deal etc, I don’t own you, it is what I want for you and I salute you!

I will be inviting some of you to enter into a management and development agreement with me and /or a publishing agreement
You will be contacted by private message directly to your Attinis in box.

Exposure, promotion, dignity , feedback ,respect and the opportunity to have a global platform to show off your talent, be mentored by experts and make friends world wide. It’s your choice, your talent, your future and it starts here...
Have fun
I love you guys!!! XXX

Join Attinis