Friday, October 31, 2014
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  • BethanyHare added 2 new photos in BethanyHare's Photos album
    • My first solo You Tube video - Hope you like it!  Didn't have long to make it but I am sending it out to charities as I perform free at Charity events. Sinitta you may remember we met in the foyer at The Diana Award event at Roof Gardens London - I am an award holder - Champion Fundraiser
    photos 2 days ago
  • BethanyHare uploaded a new avatar
    profile 2 days ago
  • BethanyHare My first solo You Tube video. Uploaded quickly yesterday to send out to charities. I perform free of charge at charity events in the hope of helping to raise more funds for worthy causes. I have my own PA/Sound System which was kindly donated to me by Maplin Entertainment so that I can also help smaller charities with smaller events.
    Cry me a river - Bethany hare 03:01
    Hi, i'm Bethany and i'm 15 years old. This is me singing cry me a river in the style of Julie London. Thank you for watching. Hope you enjoy it!
    videos 2 days ago
  • Cazzmae added a new video I'm Gonna Getcha Good
    I'm Gonna Getcha Good 04:05
    This is me singing I'm Gonna Getcha Good this song is by Shania Twain hope you guys like it XD ----DISCLAMER--- (I do not own this song or the backgr ...
    videos 8 days ago
  • The Love Song (In Your Body) Original Rhythm and Blues 03:53
    'Tom Jones meets Jools Holland' (meets Stevi Richie). Song choice inspired by the dancefloor 'swag' of the EsseX-Factor Love God. Cheeky, rock'n'r ...
    videos 11 days ago
  • Monika uploaded a new avatar
    profile 20 days ago
  • (Didn't I) Miss Your Goodness Original Blues-Dub 03:19
    Dub-themed variation on the archetypal blues intro, "Woke up this morning…". Suitable for male or female artists/band. PRS Tunecode: 0964 ...
    videos 21 days ago
  • The Way You Love Me Cover By Cazzmae 03:05
    This is one of my favourite songs and have always wanted to sing it hope you guys like it XD The Way You Love Me by Faith Hill ----DISCLAMER--- (I do ...
    videos 38 days ago
  • The Parting Glass Cover By Cazzmae 02:31
    This is me singing The Parting Glass Ed Sheeran does a cover of this not sure who sings the original Irish Song hope you enjoy this cover of the song ...
    videos 49 days ago
  • Somewhere Only We Know Cover By Cazzmae 03:12
    This is me singing Somewhere Only We Know this version is covered by Lily Allen but the song is originally by Keane hope you enjoy this cover XD ---- ...
    videos 58 days ago
  • MidasMaynard uploaded a new avatar
    profile 65 days ago
  • Shanna Towner Just uploaded a cover of 'Sticks + Stones' by Nicola Roberts :)
    profile 77 days ago
  • Shanna Towner This is a cover of 'Sticks + Stones' by Nicola Roberts. I don't usually play keyboard/piano in videos,but I thought I would in this.I absolutely love the lyrics to this song! I hope you like it :)
    Nicola Roberts- Sticks + Stones (Shanna Towner cover) 03:52
    TWITTER- @ShannaTofficial FACEBOOK- I absolutely love this song and was asked to do a more recent cover of it! ...
    videos 77 days ago
  • (Because) You're That Kind Of Girl (POP ORIGINAL) 03:58
    (Funky Soul/Pop) When a 'straight' guy develops an obsession for a fun-loving ladyboy, both his life and his sexual identity are turned upside down. ( ...
    videos 84 days ago
  • profile 89 days ago
  • Breakeven Cover By Cazzmae 04:24
    This is me singing Breakeven By The Script hope you enjoy this cover XD ----DISCLAMER--- (I do not own this song or the background music, this is for ...
    videos 99 days ago
  • Sinitta and artiku are now friends
    friends 100 days ago
  • Jamie Chatterton sings a cover of "Little Things" by One Direction 02:59
    Jamie as the "Special Guest" at Washingborough Academy's Talent Show
    Posted from Lincoln, UK View larger map
    videos 103 days ago View location
  • Empty Promises (Keep Going Round) BLUES ORIGINAL 03:39
    Slow, vintage style blues, blending dual tone guitars. Appropriate for souful male or female vocalist. PRS TUNECODE: 150699GV DISCLAIMER: &qu ...
    videos 104 days ago
  • wong06 uploaded a new avatar
    profile 114 days ago
  • TeamAttinis and Sinitta are now friends
    friends 116 days ago
  • SinittaBilly947 Hi Billy, Where's your video? Best S x
    profile 116 days ago
  • SinittaVictoru87 Hi Victor, would love to hear new stuff. Best S x
    profile 116 days ago
  • SinittaLauren Hi Lauren! Do you any original material? Best S x
    profile 116 days ago