Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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Challenge: Mentoring

Upload your Talent here to win a one-on-one face-2-face Mentoring session in London with Sinitta worth over £250. 

Plus bring materiel you want us to listen to and critic, monologues you want to practise and a short synopsis of what its about), music for dance pieces and anything else to make sure your session is as in depth as possible.

This can be vetting your recordings or clips together or you singing,reciting drama speeches,monologues etc live with Sinitta and rehearsing harmonies etc, whatever you need, please specify when applying.

Entry Details - Date: 18/10/2011 23:55
Hi Judges! #:o) I hope U are all very well! I am entering this challenge & absolutley would loVe to win it, not just to meet the loVely Sinitta, which would B an honour and I can imagine a most fantastic experience, BUT also in the hope to pick Up some of the best singing tips & skills & anything else that could B of GR8 value 2 help me make it in the music business and expand my horizons. I am a person who has quite a few natural skills, BUT am just waiting 4 the right people to find me & help me perfect them and I don't say nw I know it all so therefore I am willing & open 2 learn from the Best team poSsible. ... This is my L8est single; a beautiful chill out Song made with one of my most faVourite Producer'z. Ps: I hope U will loVe it as much as I do. <3
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