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Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Some of the talent that's recently joined


Spot Sinitta - Judge Vote
Challenge Closed

Lend me your lovely face for a week!!! If you spot  me (Sinitta )anywhere and have your picture taken with me you can  enter that picture here, by uploading  it for a chance to be chosen as my TWIITER-BUDDY FACE of the week on my Twitter AND Facebook Profiles .Plus featured on the Attinis website. Remember I can't stop for everyone ALL the time, but whenever i can I will!

Challenge Closed
Latest Entries:
4 Entries - 1 Votes
Mentoring - Judge Vote
Challenge Closed

Upload your Talent here to win a one-on-one face-2-face Mentoring session in London with Sinitta worth over £250. 

Plus bring materiel you want us to listen to and critic, monologues you want to practise and a short synopsis of what its about), music for dance pieces and anything else to make sure your session is as in depth as possible.

This can be vetting your recordings or clips together or you singing,reciting drama speeches,monologues etc live with Sinitta and rehearsing harmonies etc, whatever you need, please specify when applying.

Challenge Closed
Latest Entries:
12 Entries - 16 Votes

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